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Most Trusted Sangoma classifieds with Spiritual Rats,amagudwane,money spells +27635620092 “This man sure became rich – with the help of rats, After reading an advert through the news pepper he phoned the sangoma, who refuses to be named, said his sangoma used muthi to make rats get him cash so he could open shops. “I have shops now, no blood sacrifice he said. Sangoma "prof kiisa" who specializes in the ritual said that muthi and magic are used to make rats steal money. “A person must state how much he wants. You can state R.1 million or more – the rats will bring it! No one sees them because it’s magic,” he said. Sangoma prof kiisa from Gauteng said it’s true rats can make one rich. “The person who requested the money is allowed to spend it on anything other playing gambling with this money. But he or she can go back again and request for another ritual its fine. Customers are usually charged R.5000 upfront. “The rats are sent to a bank or casino to fetch the money,” Prof Kiisa said. My Potential Spell Can Help You Attract Cash & Strike it Rich. Get the Wealth You Deserve! Prof Kiisa; Call/ Whats app; +27635620092 Email; quicklovespellsthatworks@gmail.com Visit; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QW5oz68fMaI&feature=youtu.be Visit; https://africanpowerfultraditionalhealer.wordpress.com/ Visit; http://quicklovespellsthatworks.webs.com/ Visit; https://live.vcita.com/site/4hr4cuaqflnkg4fp Visit; http://www.quicklovespellsthatworks.com 


cape town, Western Cape

Send Message Phone: +27635620092

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